Lockdown may have forced the closure of art galleries across the country. Still, in a digital age, not even a global pandemic can stop creativity.

Artists and curators alike have adapted to the times, reimagining pre-planned shows for the virtual sphere. They have even commissioned digital-first experiences to allow viewers to get closer to works from home.

Online exhibitions are a great way to soak up the culture, lift you out of a creative rut and perfect for an art fix if your Zoom schedule is super-tight.

As we see restrictions lift and return to events and exhibitions, there will still be a digital art presence. Exhibiting work from artists worldwide for you to view in the comfort of your chair makes art accessible to all.

Our exhibitions feature students work, staff work and work from renowned artists from across the globe.

We are incredibly proud of all of our students. They are very inspiring when you talk to them, and their work is daring, brave, challenging and inventive. Their work is usually exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally, but due to the current climate, they’ve not had the opportunity to showcase their work. In the case of our third-year students, some of whom you read about here, it affects their final show. It may be surprising to know that they have continued to create and inspire through the pandemic. They have moved forward every day, continuing to develop and broaden their own personal creativity. We are so pleased that they can exhibit their work online through this platform and tell their story.

We hope you enjoy meeting the artists and viewing their work.