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Begona Mazarrasa

Celebrating nature, artisanship, and heritage, while also addressing emotional topics, my creative textile design practice has people at its centre. I seek to explore the potential of natural materials and processes such as plant-based dyeing, print, felting, knotting, knitting, and weaving, to create highly tactile and expressive designs.

Human behaviour and psychology have always fascinated me. And since I started designing, people have been in the centre of my creative practice.

Through my textile design work, I have explored topics such as loneliness and isolation, struggle and empathy, chaos and anxiety, and abortion rights. My aim is to give life experiences a voice and invite to reflection.

The highly emotional nature of my topics calls for an organic and intuitive creative process. My research work combines photography, key words and images, symbols, and slogans to inspire my designs.

I have a particular interest in creating highly tactile textiles that embody an ethic of conservation. Working with natural, sustainable materials and traditional processes such as natural dyeing, print, felting, knotting, knitting, and weaving, I seek to preserve and celebrate artisanship, heritage, and nature.

In my final major project, I explore and combine wool in various forms and thicknesses, ranging from unprocessed slubs, to 1-, 2- and 3-ply felted yarn, including brushed top and roving. Using colours that range from natural ecru to those achieved by hand dyeing with natural plant dyes, my aim was to achieve impact, contrast and a look and feel of ‘natural imperfection.’

The collection is formed by six mid/heavy-weight woven textiles and its versatility makes it adequate both for the fashion and interior industries.