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Georgina Rooke-Jenkins

Georgina is a jeweller who experiments with all the different techniques found within the art of enamelling. Throughout her journey she has photographed a colourful, eye-catching and bold array of colours drawn from the sunsets and sunrises found within Herefordshire. She has explored two contrasting styles, being inspired by the silhouetted architecture, and combining the free-flowing forms found within the sky. Georgina has created a set of 3 showstopper brooches using the materials: silver, vitreous enamelled and enamelled black threads. Playing around with balance and placement she achieved this by using the technique of riveting all these materials together. Next to these are a series of interchangeable copper pin badges. Allowing viewers and customers to explore their curiosity and favoured colours/forms to layer up each piece creating depth and playfulness using a set of silver pin heads. Georgina encourages wearer engagement and exploration within her work.

Dissertation – Vitreous Enamel and How Different Techniques Throughout History Have Influenced the Value of Studio Jewellery