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Hannah Adnan-Abdulrehman

I am an English-Yemini ceramicist who specialises in throwing. The area I am most ambitious about is turning and making inventive silhouettes with the form. To get my final composition here, I used a combination of throwing, turning techniques and carving. I choose to work with porcelain for its elegance and suppleness to mould; with just soft elements of colour to highlight my sculpting, and to compliment the natural vibrancy and beauty of the clay.

This collection is inspired by Arabic dining culture and food sharing; with these pieces naturally developing into a signification of community and shared nourishment. The carving is influenced by Yemini minaret designs in Jiblah, and geometric patterns of flora- which each hold their own theological meaning. They represent the start of an artistic journey which I intend to adapt and develop on a larger more intricate scale.