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Lily Eris

Lekki’s Solemn Dystopia

This is my personal chaotic depiction of the world. The main piece represents the world we all live in and each of its islands represent the different powers that oppress us. The three islands to the right are home to the “Greblins”. Having evolved from fairy’s, these trolls represent the global elite. The Greblins come over on ships to cause havoc and to feed potions to the fairy folk, keeping them quietly compliant. The “Covid crows” are sandblasted all over the top sheet of glass to represent the pandemic we all live in now and the frame displays the journey we took to get to this point. The separate piece on the bottom is a depiction of my childhood, and I am also pictured in the centre of the main piece confused and trying to make sense of it all.

For Nine Nights

Maya and Eve have followed the legend that says if once a month, for 9 months, a couple in love embrace under the tree of life, they will be blessed with a baby of their own. Here they are embracing for the final month, but unfortunately an evil witch has told the village folk of their wishes and so they’ve sent their largest, nastiest Greblins to come take them away to be tied into knots and rolled down a mountain into the sea.

My piece is depicting a scene not too dissimilar to real life where same sex and interracial couples have faced hate and discrimination for the “crimes” of their love. The juxtaposition of the tranquil scene in the foreground with the lurking threat coming over the hill shows the absurdity of such baseless hate and prejudice.

Over the brow of the hill, shadowed by the sun, is a dark spirit representing the souls of those who have died in the battle for equality.