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Madeline Morgan

This body of work grew from a desire to explore one of many possible relationships between forged metal and textiles.

Through the implementation of the tactile craft practice of embroidery, it aims to map the somatic legacy of healing, considering the transformative potential of meditative making processes to regulate the nervous system.

Here, the construction of costume imagines both ritual dress and ritualised making as practices through which one may become re-embodied.  It empowers the body as a site for healing and cyclical regeneration, employing the mythopoetic power of personally constructed rituals for the purpose of transmuting trauma.

The inherent contrast between the permanence of steel and the ephemerality of textiles generated through transformation has been central to the works conception. The implementation of rust dyeing delineates a connection between these seemingly disparate materials.

Materials: steel, silk, cotton, artists hair, Welsh sea water.