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Miles Godsell

Miles primarily explores concepts concerning our existence as beings within space-time, focusing on how we manoeuvre through space and how we interact with our surroundings. By then combining these concepts with traditional blacksmithing techniques and modern, minimalist styles, Miles aims to create large-scale architectural metalwork that serves as both a skilfully crafted product and as a prompt to deeper existential contemplation.

The collection on display are the products of Miles’ latest exploration of how people interact with space and time. They focus on concepts such as materialised trails that people leave as they travel through space-time, how people move through and enter different spaces and key moments, and how space-time and all those within it are bound within an interconnected system where all the components shape and form one another.

The smaller samples were Miles’ first attempts at materialising these concepts and helped to form a physical vocabulary that best expresses them. This vocabulary was then used to design the railing on display, which serves as both an architectural and sculptural piece.