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Paige Smith

My project is inspired by the negative implications that the Covid-19 pandemic imposed on both my mental health and personal design practice.  I have used this as motivation to re-write this narrative and celebrate optimism instead, offering reassurance and comfort through this collection of knitted forms.

Through early examinations of the body and the sensation of touch, I have used drawing and sculpture to develop interactive and tactile knitted surfaces.   The colour palette consists of warm, energetic colours that symbolise affection, energy and vitality.  By embedding both heavy and lightweight materials within the structures, the final fabrics mimic the beneficial qualities of deep pressure stimulation, which research has shown to be effective in relaxing the nervous system during times of anxiety and stress.

The final outcomes are modular by design and undefined as fashion or interiors.  They can be simultaneously worn on the body and displayed within a space to create an immersive and reassuring environment.