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Poppie Jones

Journeys, a series

The Journeys series began during the peak of the UK lock down. It consists of images found online of both places I have been, and places I would like to go. A way to view the outside and hustle bustle of everyday life through a simple drawing.

Kaleidoscope One and Two

Whilst at home during the lock down period, I had the chance to go through some of my childhood belongings. After finding a kaleidoscope among my things, I decided to take some photographs through the lens. After experimenting with photographs through my room, I decided to take images of my body, and eventually my own face.

Lock Down Diaries

Capturing the seemingly mundane and repetitive acts we all partook in over the last 6-months, and the moments of brightness experienced from time to time. This book features myself, my loved ones and pieces created in reaction to the socio-political events of 2020 so far.