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Tom Jervis

My aim was to showcase my skills as an illustrator while drawing from my life and experiences. With the portraits, I wanted to help normalise skin conditions like acne or in my case eczema and make people feel better about themselves and make it easier for people that don’t to accept them. I wanted to use the comic to explore how I can use lighting and colour to create an atmosphere and make you feel like you’re in a small rural town at night, and the contrast between the cold, quiet parts of it and the loud, bright spots.


Both projects were challenging but insightful and improved my digital and full-colour work a lot. As university projects I think they could have been more developed but as personal work I’m very happy with how much both projects pushed me and how they evolved so much while still being true to the original concepts.


In the future I want to keep improving my digital work and colours but also go back to using more lines, especially in my narrative-based work because it just feels more natural to me. I also want to get even more confident with figure drawing and portraits and rely on references less.


I also want to start making more work with a message or a goal to help people or raise awareness as this was very fulfilling to do with the portraits.