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Alice Cossey

The Period Project showcases the logo I created for the campaign, used in conjunction with text and graphic photographs which I took myself, as well as potential imagery for branding, social media accounts and marketing. I was particularly inspired by charities such as “Bloody Good Period”, “ActionAid”, and “Period Power” for this project, as not only do they partake in charitable work which helps women over the UK who are suffering with Period Poverty, but their branding and imagery effectively targets specific target audiences, at the same time as showing them what to expect from the charity/ organisation.

I have also included some work for a brief created by D&AD, which aimed to encourage current Duolingo users to complete their daily language lessons. Duolingo is an app which helps users to learn new languages and takes them through a variety of different lessons to teach them new catchphrases and words from their chosen language. I created an extension of the Duolingo brand for this, called “Duolingo Surprise”, with a new logo, which aims to ‘surprise’ users, with the logo showing up at random points in their day-to-day lives (like on a notebook, mug, or pencil, for example), and remind them to complete their daily lessons. More examples of the work I created for this can be found on my Website: AliceCosseyDesign.com.

Throughout my time as a Graphic Design student at Hereford College of Arts, I have learnt multitudes of skills and disciplines. Some of the most valued skills I have learnt include the ability to evaluate and reflect upon work produced by myself and others, the ability to work as a team, and the ability to work in specific timeframes to meet deadlines.


My next goal is to use these skills to spread important messages which educate and help people. I hope to keep learning new skills throughout my future endeavours and embrace any creative opportunity which comes my way.