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Annabel Bowen

I picked this film because it’s iconic and includes different elements that are instantly recognisable e.g. the film includes a range of unique and memorable elements such as the drape fabric used for the children’s play clothes, Maria’s guitar, dramatic and beautiful locations e.g. Salzburg (Austria), snowy mountains and many more!

I think that these images will impact my design journey greatly as these design elements are powerful as they evoke a vintage, iconic family-friendly theme, which was the paradigm on which I based my project.

It is family-friendly film that has touched many hearts because of its well-known songs and heart-warming storyline. My intention was to create a design that will give the audience a ‘joyful trip down memory lane’. I personally love this film as there’s a balance between fun and reality, as well as it being a film full of nostalgia, as I and many others have been brought up with the tradition of watching this, as a family in the holidays.