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Becky Nuttall

Becky uses allegory and symbols in her art work and poetry. These refer to the impact of theology, religious violence, guilt, piety, art history, feminism, popular culture and conformity on adolescence. Becky’s artwork is also intertextual; deconstructing and reconstructing her family’s art heritage into new work

  • Becky’s work decorates the virtual Chapel of St Catherine and Virgin of the Passion.
  • St Catherine is the patron saint of artists and school girls.
  • The Virgin of the Passion symbolises Becky’s passions as a teenager; including art and popular culture.

Under constant construction, the Chapel houses the Art of the School, the Medals of the Order of St Catherine and Family Tree

This art is inspired by Catholicism, Protestantism, religious theology and dogma, sainthood, women artists, the 1970s, rock music, art, Dada and the Modernist movement.

  • Art of the School is an on-going mixed media allegorical series. Works reference the religious prints hanging Becky’s convent school walls; the effect of religious violence, piety and guilt on adolescence; twentieth century culture; invisible female artists and conformity.
  • Medals of the Order of St Catherine is a series of mixed media allegorical and surrealist works. Within each work are the language of metaphors, symbols and religious dogma.
  • Family Tree is a series of allegorical paintings and drawings that reference Becky’s family tree through the symbolic places and objects they love and loved. Within each object and place is the personification of love, conflict and loss.

“The divine and humane in works both sacred and profane”

Top left: Medal for domestic science
Top right: The Prelate’s grave

Top left: A lovely boy dropped in
Top right: Bedroom shrine for virgin of the rock

Top: Back of the Anchorhold 1971