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Amanda Attfield and Helen Loy

“Turn up the volume”

personal perspectives of women creatives in lockdown

for “In the Frame” International Women’s Day 8th March 2021

A film by Helen Loy and Amanda Attfield

Women’s voices are often not heard, so a film exploring and documenting the voices of female creatives during lockdown could turn up the volume, to help people draw strength through showcasing and sharing common as well as diverse experiences; the film aims to be inspiring and at the same time aims to help connect, support, and remind us that whilst our experiences are personal, they are also universal.

Female creatives were invited to participate in an exciting collaborative film to explore and record what it was like for them, their personal artistic perspectives, responses, and experiences of the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown. The film stitches together visual images and sound recordings made by the female creatives themselves, together with animated elements.  In this way, it’s a moving patchwork made by sixteen artists during lockdown and it’s hoped that this combination of artists’ work, together with their unique voices, will serve to turn up the volume on the experience and resilience of female creatives during lockdown.