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Rebecca Baddeley

The World belongs to the animals. These works embody my perspective as a female and as an artist during the pandemic using the healing and transformative power of animals as a conduit to convey meaning.

The Lioness piece delves into ancient Egyptian mythology, bringing Sekhmet, goddess of plague and healing, into the modern day. I work primarily in fabric, making soft sculptural pieces which are then developed in a variety of ways. The head piece is painted and covered in the many fears expressed by my friends during the first national lockdown. The photographs in the water are symbolising healing and regeneration.

The second piece follows on from the first, looking at the spiritual meaning as well as antibacterial qualities of sage burning. I paired this with research in to the worship of cows and cattle, which is commonplace throughout the world, symbolising strength and determination. Wearing the burning sage mask in the woodland is a statement against the racial othering, discrimination and hateful behaviour that seems to have become more and more prevalent in recent years. The sage clears toxic thoughts and energies, providing headspace. The mask has duel meaning as it is also made to glow under UV light, a nod to all the sanitising processes made necessary by COVID 19.