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Lana Jordan

I began this project by looking into women within the workplace. During research I found many inspirational women, such as Constance Markievicz (first female MP). Hearing these inspirational womens stories encouraged me to write to my Grandmas, asking after the experiences they had. One was self employed and ran her own chemist shops, the other employed by the civil Service. However both were successful women, determined and committed. My Grandma who worked in the Civil service says she was treated well by the men in the office. However she states ‘there were about 30 to 40 in the office, mainly men and about 4 or 5 women, the latter were temporary staff’. She also wrote to me saying she remembers going on equal pay to men in about 1956. My other Granny ran her own business, which was quite uncommon for a women. She’s extremley hard working and as a result ended up becoming the owner of two chemist shops. She told me how lucky she was to find a good accountant, as women had problems getting mortgages. Owning the business meant she was her own boss and didnt come across unequal pay like my other Granny.

I have taking inspiration from the pharamacy shop aesthetic, taken photos and drawings of old bottles and medicines. I played along the idea of halves and wholes with these to represent the struggles of part time jobs, unequal pay and unfair rules against women. From this I have created a collection of handmade prints using colour and shape to show the emotions of these experinces.