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Welcome to International Women’s Day


Welcome to In the Frame, a fundraising art exhibition for Refuge.org.uk. The exhibition curated by HCA BA (Hons) Fine Art graduate Lin Mathias and sponsored by HCA, celebrates International Women’s Day. It is inspired by women who have pushed beyond others’ expectations and made themselves visible to the world through their creativity and resilience.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, cases of domestic abuse involving women and children have risen considerably. The lockdown aimed to stop the spread of Covid-19 is making violence in homes more frequent, more severe and more dangerous. Eventually, the lockdown will end, but the danger seems likely to intensify over the coming months. Studies show that abusers are more likely to murder their partners and others in the wake of personal crises, including lost jobs or significant financial setbacks. With Covid-19 ravaging the economy, such crises are set to become much more frequent. As a result, artists have come together for this exhibition to show their support for Refuge.org.uk. We hope that after you’ve enjoyed the exhibition, you may consider donating through the JustGiving page which is showing at the bottom of every page.

The exhibition has been officiated by Hereford’s Mayor, Cllr Kath Hey who has recorded a message to open this exhibition.

If you would like to book a performance with one of the artists shown in the exhibition or purchase a piece of artwork please contact the artist directly. Artist contact details are provided at the bottom of every exhibition page.