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Abbie Bayliss

I created this piece and I decided to call it ‘The woman of nature’ to represent the power of both women and all things natural. With this title I reference the natural element of women having the power and strength to overcome the problems created with people who don’t support feminism. I surrounded the woman with different kinds of flowers to demonstrate the amount of power women and power hold.

Personally, I think it’s very important to remember that many people refer to the natural world as ‘mother nature’ personifying nature as a woman, a mother, a life giver. I too believe it is ironic that many painters and artists use flowers to cover up the female anatomy – the anatomy with the power to hold and create life. The flower can to create life, which implies that both females and nature are incredibly strong and inspiring.

I mainly looked into the artist Alisa Burke, I really like how eye-catching her work is, I drew many flower pieces inspired by her work, with very bright and exciting colours. I developed all my work digitally but I wanted to create something bolder and more unique so I chose to paint my final piece using acrylic paint. My original plan was to paint onto the canvas and after it was dry I was going to embroider into the canvas; however I chose not to as I was happy with the outcome, and I enjoyed making this piece.