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Angela Mary Holden

I am currently exploring the relationship between chaos and calm. My work examines coping mechanisms, repetition and intuitive mark making.

In periods of chaos, certainty is important. We cannot control the world at large, but we can make a space for ourselves which helps during times of external uncertainty. We can create our own, private personal certainty.

As an anchor for stability and calm, I doodle, draw, and make marks. I began to realise they were much more than doodles, they have a point of reference, and what seemed a fidgety activity, was actually something tangible. I was expressing the ineffable, helping calm my mind, which in turn, changes my view of how chaotic and uncertain life is or seems to be.

These marks transferred onto my paintings resemble scars, they reference a scarred psychological landscape. The work includes punctualisms, marks and shapes which represent nonlinear sequence and isolation. The calming experience of the drawing process, allows space and facilitates perspective and connectivity to feelings. Connections are made between one mark and another, making visual sense of chaos; calm and order can be achieved in this space.