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Matilda Gazzard

The images I have produced are in response to the brief “In the Frame” where I was asked ‘to produce work inspired by women who have pushed beyond the expectations of others and made themselves visible to the world through their creativity and resilience’. During my initial research I sought out strong iconic women who resonated with me and who I look up to. These women have all pushed boundaries in their respective areas and have used their positions of influence to champion groups of people who are often mistreated, ignored or misrepresented.

Through my images I hope to portray the strength that these women have shown, the voices they have used to encourage change and the power that a cultural icon can have. To produce the extra-large pictures, I used delicate tissue paper to hold multiple smaller pieces of paper together. This represents women coming together and supporting each other to create a strong unit, as they have historically been seen as delicate and the weaker sex. United together the paper and the female voice has a greater strength, clearing the pathway for future iconic females.