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Ali Hughes


2400mm x 620mm

This work has developed through witnessing, as a volunteer helper, the week on week escalation in numbers of people needing to use our country’s foodbanks; a cross section of society devastatingly hit by circumstances never before known or imagined, being plunged into the darkness of poverty and desperate need.

My work attempts to show, through the materials I have chosen, that the seemingly physical solidity of ‘food on the table’  – for many people being a time of drawing together, of comfort and communion –  has become  a fragile and insecure day by day reality and one which can no longer be taken for granted.

A heightened awareness develops of the ephemerality of our existence, as all that was considered to be solid is swept away from its moorings.  Feelings of stability are silently eroded as any concept of a defined future disintegrates before our eyes.