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Daniel Newton

An immediate thought when I got given the brief was to create art based on inspiration female rappers. Music is an important part of mine and many peoples lives therefore I think basing my art on my favourite music helps create art that represents me.

I am a digital artist that likes to incorporate textures from traditional resources and art pieces to create organic looking, yet clean artwork. I often like to include a range of typography that fit the style of illustration I have created, that display a positive or fun mood. As you can see in this collection of work I stayed with the same colour scheme throughout so that my work is identifiable by the main pink and teal colours.

I am passionate about making my art represent me, so that my viewers can see me through my art, and I have achieved this through displaying one of my main inspirations which is through music. Using female rappers to present the importance of female empowerment gives the musicians more recognition, and also inspires young women of today to pursue their dreams of entering the music industry.

Ever since I started digital art, I fell in love with the control I had over the composition, and how clean I could make my lines, and that’s what I have continued to do in my pieces since.