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Ciara Lewis

Ciara Lewis is an abstract painter whose work is informed by the landscape working in mixed media, often on large formats. Her practice has recently expanded to incorporate sculptural and expanded painting processes using paper manipulation, combining hard and soft surface areas to create work documenting terrain and habitat degradation. Ciara’s work is drawn from observational sketches and the practice of walking as a methodology to making. In attempting to capture the emotional feeling of a place, rather than a definitive rendition of a landscape the work usually acts as a form of diary making, charting where the artist situates herself.

She is influenced by places visited and the paintings are reflective of those travels with the emergence of urban, rural and seascapes as recurrent themes in her work.

Her practice employs layering of textures and colours as grounds which are gradually resolved into coherent finished pieces.

She belongs to an artist collective whose work shares abstraction as a means of expression.

This latest body of work looks both at the seasonal changes and also the body within that landscape incorporating a diverse range of materials and media. The substrates are built up as layers of intricate textured surfaces, often finishing with subtle colour palettes.