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Diane Elizabeth Hemming

After 37 years as a primary school teacher in The UK and Australia, I retired in July 2020. My final months in teaching coincided with the Covid pandemic.

Retirement and the lock down opened up time that I had never had before and finally released me to explore my own creativity rather than teaching young children to explore theirs.

I have been making lino prints since the 1990s after being excited by the process at night classes in Australia. This year I have been involved with the planning and organisation of the In The Frame exhibition for International Women’s Day.

My piece of work ”Late afternoon winter walk” is about my renewed connection with nature, I feel very strongly about the importance of protecting and preserving the wild beauty and biodiversity of our natural environment. I have become a climate activist through my involvement with Extinction Rebellion.

I spend a lot of time walking with my dog in the local area. Lockdown restrictions meant that each day I went to the same place. Covid has given me an opportunity to absorb the wonders that I haven’t had time to appreciate whilst working, the changing seasons, weather and skies, the birds and animals in finer detail.

I was then inspired to translate my observations of nature into the strong shapes, patterns and spaces that I use in my prints. I love the physicality and problem solving of carving the lino and the excitement of revealing a new print.