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Tara Dempsy

I am a student in my second year attending the Hereford College of Arts. For this project “In The Frame” the intent is to celebrate woman and their achievements so I selected some Instagram female ceramicists that inspire me everyday through social media. Those being @Female.alchemy , @Lydia.Hardwick , @Roundtripclayworks , @Casas.Studios , @bigjugsabi and @Huskmilkpottery.

Although the pandemic limited resources and cut off workshop access, so I had to work in my kitchen with no glazes or kilns, I looked at these successful artist’s work and created different hand-built pieces with the techniques of slab building and coiling while using them as inspiration and recognising their work through my own as well as focusing on textures and shapes. In the end I myself have also worked through problems in the form of the pandemic as I’m sure they worked through many challenges on their way to their current success.