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Frances Warren

Arts in the Marches

I took the opportunity to explore a career change and joined the HCA portfolio course in 2004 as an utter novice, and started experimenting with 3D techniques. I have since explored mould making, bronze casting, stone carving and glass fusing with many talented local artists. I have always been interested in gardening and gardens and I now create garden sculptures using stone, glass and / or recycled materials.

Freedom and Containment.

Slate, steel and glass

Lockdown has contained us, but at the same time it has offered us the opportunity of freedom to live our lives in ways we had perhaps never considered. The containment is not absolute, it is what we make of it. As is our Freedom. Butterflies are fragile and ethereal, a fitting metaphor for freedom.

Shattered Dreams

Slate and glass

As a staunch Remainer I find the idea of leaving Europe incomprehensible, although sadly I am acutely aware of the political corruption and vested interests behind Brexit. 2020 saw the Brexit car crash through the final barriers and shudder to a halt.  This piece is a companion to “Nail your Colours”, created in the run up to the 2016 referendum.