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Marianne Jarratt

Of the images that I have submitted, three of them come under the bracket of photography. One of the women that I researched during this project, was Anne Lister. Lister was a woman who went against the expectations of society; she was a lesbian and dressed in only black masculine clothes. She was an intelligent woman, in charge of her own estate and finances, not needing a man to govern them. For my photography pieces, I asked my mother to dress as Anne Lister and be a model for me to photograph. I then took these photographs and edited them. I included overlays and attempted to make the pictures appear vintage.

One of the other pieces that I have submitted is drawn in charcoal but edited slightly using an app on my phone. It is titled β€œThe repression of the fairer sex” and is based on the story of a remarkable woman called Mary Anning. Anning made impressive geological discoveries that have helped people depict the age of aquatic dinosaurs. Anning was denied the opportunity to join the geological society of London because she was a woman. This piece depicts her being trampled on by the men in the club and denied the opportunity to achieve her true potential.

These pieces demonstrates how in the past, women were viewed differently and society had certain expectations of them. These two women followed their hearts, despite society not liking the roles that they played or who and what they loved most.