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Simone Christou

My work production has been mostly digital since the first lockdown which has been very intentional. As we hadn’t been on campus, my iPad has become a key part of my practice and expressing how I feel and think quickly which is a contradiction to the times we had been living in as most of us had spent our days at home during lockdown spending our time at a more leisurely pace.

I have used very bold colours to express a variety of emotions and thoughts to immerse the viewer some of these have been edited using Photoshop as well as other software.

Viewer engagement is a massive part of what I do and even though, I believe in meaning and substance behind my work. I’d also like to think my work is accessible and tangible to anyone and everyone which is an intentional part of my production. As an artist and an individual, I want the audience to look at my work and have an experience whether that maybe a feeling or a thought – I’d rather that than nothing at all.