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Melanie Williams

From the beginning it has always been about drawing and painting. As a fine arts student, a teacher, a mother and now a grandmother I have never been apart from my painting practice. The subject matter has of necessity and desire reflected the time and place that I am present in. Portraiture, still life and landscape, to very close observation in lambing sheds, of dead foals, and cattle, to further afield becoming enchanted with aspects of both Ghana and Zambia. All these subjects have been obsessions at one time.

Before the first lockdown invitations were sent and pictures packed for a one man show in London entirely devoted to flowers. The exhibition WILL happen but not until May 2022.

Just before the second lockdown I collected my late mother’s diaries, a woman whom I loved and respected. As I read them, I felt a low grade depression from too much reflection and reminiscing befall me so it was time to use them in a constructive way as to bin, recycle or burn them felt disrespectful and inappropriate. I was at this time mono-printing so to use my mother’s hand written diary sheets seemed a solution. I found freedom in mark making on these sheets and when oil was added to the black ink rubbing the pages through the ink was a revelation. Random, original and exciting patterns and marks emerged suggesting birds, animals and trees.

The freedom of the process, and the blackness of the shapes reflect for me this moment in time.