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Callum Nightingale

I am Callum Nightingale, a textile designer specialising in weave and knit. My work is experimental, often combing different processes and handling unconventional materials to achieve pieces that are unique to me.

Obsessive Joy explores my enthusiasm in collecting things: enamel pins, cassette tapes, vinyl records, figurines. Why do people hold on to those random things? None of it serves any great purpose, and most of it isn’t of any monetary value. So why do I find satisfaction every time I put a new trinket on my shelf?​ This project is kindled by my largest obsession: memorabilia generated by the long running BBC series, Doctor Who. The result is a range of samples inspired by a series of action figures.

My samples are made from plastic cording, sheet plastic, solder wire and latex effect yarns to achieve a nostalgic and toy like feel. The colour schemes are directly pulled from their corresponding character, with weave structure informed from elements of their story lines.

I believe this project to be relevant in today’s world as there has been a growing call for individuality and a celebration of niche interests. This is intensified by social media, which allows anyone to talk openly about their obsessions, and potentially earn a following of likeminded people as a result. Thus individuality can result in community, another important theme in our increasingly isolated society. My goal is for my work ignite a feeling of recognition in my viewers. Whether or not they are Doctor Who fans, I hope it evokes the joy they feel when they dive into their own individual obsessions.