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Jenny Papworth

I am a textile artist specialising in sculptural and 3D forms, using a combination of weave, knit and mixed media techniques. I am driven by the transformative process of design development and fascinated by how an initial concept can mature into an exciting and unexpected outcome.

My collection Viscera is a historical and contemporary study of the seven deadly sins and how their effects can manifest within the human body. My research into the evolution of anatomical study and traditional representations of the human form has shown that, historically, both have been inextricably linked to spiritual and religious beliefs surrounding sin, redemption and the afterlife.

In my collection, I have explored the narrative of sin and its consequences in a modern context. My response has been to reinterpret the seven deadly sins as compulsive and self-destructive behaviours and to examine how they manifest within our own body systems. These behaviours often take the form of repetitive cycles that grow and feed upon themselves, leading to feelings of oppression and exhaustion.

My three pieces are based on the colour and texture of human viscera and reflect the nature of these destructive behaviours. One piece is made from multiple weighted pockets; one contains repetitive layers that stretch to the floor; and one speaks of fragility and our inability to resist these unhelpful compulsions.

Through my work I hope to ignite the debate on the nature of compelling negative patterns of behaviour and the impact they can have on our health and wellbeing.