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Dominic DiPaolo

What began as an observation into recurring patterns echoed throughout nature – layers of lines, soft curves, and sharp edges; manifestations of growth and adaptation – evolved into a scrutinous study of what consistently draws me to these features and how they inspire my work.

This body of work embodies the realisation of these inquiries; culminating in, what I would call, my “Maker’s Dialect”

This collection of sculptures began as a study of nature’s interaction, how things communicate and coordinate with boundaries and movement. In my eyes it is a practical language that all things share.

Curved lines and harsh angles used to portray a veering path. A collection of budding expanses met with tapering narrow passages. Pools gather and tides flow, in a motion of convergence and release. Momentum rises and falls in the high and low points that form the layers of each component.

Note how the interruptions to this ebb and flow manifest instances of compromise and adaptation, where decisions must be made to ensure the motion continues, unhindered.

Subsequently, through careful consideration of the elements that most excite and inspire me, and the forms that were most prominent in my designs, I began a journey to discover and define my identity as an artist.

Through my work, I began to explore the narratives that drive me and how they influence my practice, informing the decisions I make and creating, what I came to call, my “Maker’s Dialect”

I dedicated myself to refining the processes I enjoy, acting on the results of experimentation and inspiration gleaned from my experiences, implementing the parts I am most drawn to into my practice.

As a result, each work here is a collection of decisions. Some ordained prior to development, others made in the heat of compromise, others are risks taken instantaneously and, often, on a whim.

Pressing onward, I hope to further develop this experience to create works of insight and contemplation – Artworks that would continue to initiate discussions and speak for me, long after I am present to take part.