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Sadie Snowdrop Star

Focusing on spirals, fascinated by the fluidity and organic growth in nature, I create forged metal pieces inspired by the captivating shapes found in the natural world. In a state of flow, shapes and forms emerge effortlessly, guided by the metal itself. I aim to convey fluidity, growth and interconnectedness, inviting viewers to explore the beauty of spirals and intricate forms.

My work is a reflection of my artistic exploration of rhythm and shape in natural forms with a particular focus on spirals through the medium of forged metal.  Since embarking on my blacksmithing journey five years ago, I have been continuously fascinated by the fluidity, movement, and organic growth found in nature. The natural world serves as my core inspiration, I aim to harness in my work the captivating shapes found within nature, such as spirals, growing tendrils, and the interaction of positive and negative spaces within shapes and forms. This fascination has inspired my creative process, which involves drawing and creating forged and fabricated metal objects.

During the making process, I enter a state of flow where the shapes and forms I create emerge from a deep, intuitive place within me. This state allows for an almost effortless and free-forming creative process where the metal itself guides the direction of bends and growth. It’s a harmonious collaboration between my intention and the inherent qualities of the material. Through my artwork, I strive to convey a sense of fluidity, growth, and interconnectedness found in nature; inviting viewers to explore and connect with the beauty and symbolism of spirals and nature’s beautifully intricate forms.