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Elliott Warrington

My work celebrates the internal combustion engine. I have always been fascinated by the transfer of energy; the internal combustion engine tells this story so well. In my practice as an Artist Blacksmith, I explore the relationship between forged and machined metal and how these two processes fit together.

In my practice as an Artist Blacksmith, I explore the internal combustion engine and the transfer of energy across its components. With each iteration focusing on a different aspect of the carburettor’s function

The sculptures I have made focus on the story of the carburettor, a somewhat outdated component of an engine, but is a fascinating piece of engineering and physics. The sculptures each focus on the Venturi/Bernoulli principles that allow the carburettor to do its job of delivering the fuel into the air and subsequently the engine cylinder. As well as utilising some inherent basic principles of physics, the carburettor is a very highly engineered component with very small parts and settings allowing tuning of the engine to very specific applications.