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Heather Preece

My work shown here showcases both conceptual and live projects that I have created, covering a wide range of topics and media. My work is mostly vector-based, with a focus on branding, packaging and pattern. I love creating new brand identities and pushing ideas far to create visually interesting branding that captures the eye. I have a passion for typography, and a keen eye for detail, which goes hand in hand with manipulating type to create an interesting outcome.

I have a passion for pattern and would love to create surface graphics for clients in the future. I’d like to work somewhere that creates work that inspires social and environmental change, where I can create work to better humanity and the planet. I enjoy branding, so creating a visual identity for a company that shares these values would be great!

I am inspired by designers such as Eric Nyffeler, Jonathan Hoefler, Elizabeth Olwen and Blanca Jiménez.