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Lewis Day (One Year On)

I began my journey into graphic media in 2015 at Wiltshire College, and have since been shaping my own graphic language.

I am influenced heavily by my late 20th century childhood nostalgia. My editorial work is a mesh of bright and bold contemporary themes with nods towards reminiscent topics that are sentimental to me. Design aspects, tones and shapes that pay memory to vintage gaming consoles and aesthetics.

I believe that commercial work, often resented by designers for what is often a lack of creative freedom, can still be personal and of value to a designer, though careful personalisation and employment of distinctive but functional design within the practice of editing. There is a false stigma surrounding commercial graphics and design, earned through an over-saturated consumer market in the west.

I feel strongly that digital design and creativity warrant their status as an art form as much as any other medium, especially in a digital age where the use of graphics is becoming increasingly prevalent. What is shown here is a demonstration of the different styles of graphics that encompass my editorial design language.