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Helen Thompson


Polystyrene, rope and glue, 2404 x 600mm. 2020

Definition – ‘A pattern of thought or behaviour that organises categories of information and the relationships among them. It can also be described as a system of organizing and perceiving new information’. Schemata is part of my Mindful Connections series which explores our relationship with the internet.  This piece depicts the hub where harvested data is stored before being redistributed to third parties.

For the Children

Mixed Media, dimensions variable. 2020

For the Children is an autobiographical installation exploring corporate greed, addiction, and exploitation.  The installation is in response to my mother purchasing a Spacehopper in the early 1970’s from an Embassy cigarette gift catalogue, using vouchers found inside Embassy cigarette packets. This work questions any conglomerate, where wealth is valued over health and customers are rewarded for their addiction.

My mother died from lung cancer in 2003.