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Imogen Davis

I like to work within the genre of constructed image, combining my use of photography with digital artistry.

I feel that it’s important to raise awareness of issues that usually go unseen and I want to provide a catalyst to get people to become more comfortable to discuss them freely.

I have focused on topics within the descriptions of being in the shadow of things. Visually describing and portraying people’s emotional terrain.

“The Struggle” showing acknowledgement to people and their pain.

“Entrapment” is an exploration of myself, representing feelings of anxiety using photography in a way I know best. It’s a very personal vision, not always the absolute truth yet I would like people to have their own interpretations and impressions.

There are times when we feel it hitting us hard, and times when we feel better. I want to document a representation of what it’s like to live with a mental health illness and visualise a journey to having a more positive ending through this series.