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Alexis Sinclair

Wye in Crisis

Drawing from their spirituality as a practising neo-pagan, the natural world has long been something Alexis has felt a connection towards. Looking at the elemental nature of water, this documentary project looks at the after effects of flooding along the river Wye in Hereford.

Primarily focusing on a stretch of footpath leading from Victoria Bridge to Greenway Cycle Bridge. Alexis decided to focus on this area of the river bank, due to the sheer devastation caused by the immense strength of water. This concern with the elemental was a defining point within the project.

Amongst the warped trees, broken branches and exposed and gnarled roots, Alexis was drawn towards the pollution that littered the river banks. Buried shopping carts, plastic bags shredded and caught in trees, rusted cans and worn animal bones.

A clear sign of the raw power of the Wye, that water while often romanticised as tranquil, beautiful and soft, can also be devastating, ruthless and unrelenting in carving its path through the landscape. In this sense, Alexis has aimed for the work to act as a warning of the effects of flooding, and also as a rallying cry for people to challenge their local authority.