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Ellie Widdows

My photographic practice is mainly issue based work, where I explore through a documentary approach, both personal and public subjects.

I aim to create work that informs others of current wider issues that are found within our society, as well as more personal issues and subjects that myself, and many others may have experienced or are currently experiencing in their own lives.

These images are from a project I have created focusing on how I have dealt with the loss of a loved one during the pandemic, and the whole process of grieving. It focuses on me being able to face objects that were my Grandfather’s, which I initially found difficult to face without being upset. The attic space in my Grandparents home holds many happy memories. Pictured, are some of my Grandfather’s personal objects that represent the person he was as well as his train set, where as a child, I would play with it for hours on end with him by my side. Therefore this is the space that I chose to reconnect with.