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Bethany Spicer

Spring Awakening

My photographic approach has developed into a fine art photography practice which involves each of my individual images to be manipulated and edited using various techniques by hand, some of these techniques include hand embroidery, cutting and burning.

Through this particular body of work, I have engaged with the theme of the changing seasons. As Spring approached, I have documented the changing scenery through imagery, which developed into an idea of documenting and recording what I had heard, as well as saw, which led my project to develop and be based around the increased frequency of birdsong during spring due to the cycle of life. I have created these artworks by shooting straight images of the environment, as well as recording the noises in the surroundings. Then, merging the two mediums together by printing and cutting the images into equal vertical strips, choosing a segment of the soundwave frequency and then shaping each strip to mirror the actual soundwave recording, then backing them onto sheets of black and white card.

By creating artworks like these using my unique visual approach, physical editing skills and creative perspective, I have defined my practice, artwork and myself within this vast artistic field of practitioners. I engage with each subject matter that I personally feel has significance and importance, particularly the subject of wildlife and the natural world, I enjoy portraying it in a creative and different perspective in comparison to others before me.