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Joelle Higgins (One Year On)

Joelle Higgins is a landscape photographer whose work focuses on creating personal narratives through subtly quiet and confident compositions within personally resonant environments.  Struggles of human emotions, either positive or negative, through life which are both personal and shared with other individuals are the focus within her work.

Although Joelle works mainly as a documentary/landscape photographer, she has also worked for a variety of clients. Joelle ensures to meet a client’s needs with the highest regard. Joelle also ensures to keep her techniques consistent in her client work as well as her documentary/landscape photography.

Whilst Time Stood Still

As part of Hereford College of Arts 2020 Graduate Exhibition, Whilst Time Stood Still explores the childhood of photographer Joelle Higgins. During the pandemic 2020, Joelle was left feeling as though she was no longer connected to her family in Northern Ireland. The prints displayed are a representation of a childhood filled of dirty, scraped knees and the freedom of running through fields. The prints represent a travel lodge of Glenravel, Northern Ireland and Hereford, England.

Whilst Time Stood Still narrative is to bring the viewer a childhood filled with memories being made playing through fields and dirt, with no worry about making my clothes dirty or the scrapes on my knees. I believe staying with the media of polaroid prints will strengthen this concept. My reasoning behind this is because like memories, polaroids cannot be mass reproduced, making them unique and precious.

The graduate exhibition was postponed because of the pandemic. My plan for the exhibition was to showcase my latest project of using polaroid prints, displayed as triptychs in a medium black rectangle frame.