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Jon Trinder (One Year On)

Jon is a forged metal sculptor making narrative driven work inspired by the natural environment, ecological issues, historical and social themes. His pieces have a stripped back aesthetic comprising a few key elements that allow the ‘mind’s eye’ to fill in the gaps. In his current project on seabirds, these features include distinctive beaks, wing shapes and postures that convey the essence of the subject.

Jon’s ethos is to minimise the burning of fossil fuels in order to work more sustainably. He uses an electric induction heater as much as possible to reduce his carbon footprint. This objective is central to his practice.

Jon’s sculpture is primarily for interior settings and made from steel, though other metals such as copper and brass are also used. He uses a mixture of hot forging and sheet metalworking techniques to produce components for his work. These are joined using traditional riveting methods and modern electric welding.

Jon Trinder (One Year On) 1