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Harry Morgan (One Year On)

My practice is influenced by how and where I can place my work in the world; this is important as the work’s surrounding is one way of finding my inspiration. Aesthetics combined with function is a massive factor in why I get excited about creating, it helps me give purpose to whatever I make, it is also one way of giving me the enjoyment and passion and initial starting point of a project. Creating functional pieces of work—currently lighting—gives me a sense that life is imbued into my pieces of work when people interact with it, they add their value. Consequently, every person gives these items a part of their meaning to the objects. What inspires the aesthetic section of my work most of all is plant forms. I emulate the repetition of flowers, how they grow, or, how a seed pod protects and disperses to create more life. By bending and forming hot steel I create objects that can capture this beauty.