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Matthew Mason (One Year On)

Forged from steel with an interior gilded in 24 carat gold leaf, this series of vessels acts as a portrait of my creative process. The blackened exterior is imposing and seemingly impenetrable, yet on closer inspection there is a malleable softness and then the golden glowing spark of an idea. It is fully realised once the vessel is opened, allowing the light to spill both in and out.

My work incorporates various techniques used in other mediums which I have applied to steel. By doing this, I find that I can create a soft visual quality in the stretched body of the vessels which contrasts the metallic rigidity of the pins. This disparity is something that I particularly enjoy working with. Another example is the harsh black colour of forged steel, which contrasts and compliments the bright warmth that the gold leaf provides. Through this use of conflicting elements, I feel that my work has a sense of dynamic tension, but also a sense of ease. As if the work is standing at a perfect point of equilibrium within itself.