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Alexander Hill (One Year On)

Alexander’s work takes the form of custom tools that are handmade to a high calibre of skill for those whom making is a trade deeply held and ritual. The tools he makes allow for creativity without hindrance. They can be relied upon, meaning the fluidity of work will not be incumbered by mass produced items that do not have the flair and character of a handmade tool. The relationship craftspeople have to their tools is an important one. They are not only an extension of their skill but also of their creativity and passion. Ritual exists in everything we do, be it religious or secular. For craftspeople, this ritual presents itself in their work practices and the objects they create and create with.

One year on show layout plan:

My plan was to display the tools on a plinth in a similar layout to the photos Oli took with a few carved spoons, bowl and business cards. Next to the plinth there would be a carving block with the axe imbedded into it and next to that I would like to display one of the cooking tripods I have been making recently with a cookpot suspended.