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Callum Hargreaves 

I am an Artist Blacksmith who pursues sculpture, designing and making. I create as a personal release and in doing amalgamate emotions and memories in practice to share with others. My medium is ferrous metal—iron and steel—but I like to explore other metallic materials to diversify my work. When I create a concept is birthed, forever changing and evolving with every interaction, encompassing a life of its own.   My work is generated from specific emotions that triggered the concept of creation. Furthermore, I create hidden symbolism to stimulate a conversation with the viewer.  I aim to convey an honesty in my art that the viewer can connect with making work that challenges, encourages, benefits and inspires.  As a twenty-first century practitioner, I strive for a carbon neutral practice exploring combining traditional forging techniques with new modern equipment and methods thereby directing the craft on a new eco-friendly path.