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Alex Maughan

I am an artist and craftsman predominantly utilising the medium of forged steel. The “carrot on a stick” in front of my practice is the restoration of craft as a cultural norm – through craft we can crawl from the mire of consumerism and rejoice in the atrophy of the avarice trolls for whom the mire is monopolised.

Craft is intrinsically connected to our prior successes as a species, thereby both suggesting and confirming our predisposed necessity for craft. My artworks are both an enaction of the past and present nature of humanity, and a decoction of an ever-present fascination with it. In the creation of my sculptures I experience the fullest reality of myself.

I wholeheartedly welcome and enjoy any interpretation or experience of my artworks – my hope is that they are earnest, reflective, and existential; while remaining self-deprecating, jovial, and slightly mocking, caricatures my reality.