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Frances Alexandra (One Year On)

Frances Alexandra is an artist and maker who works with steel and pure iron. She is currently studying for her Master’s in Applied Arts and Design specialising in Metal Art, at the University of Gothenburg, following a first-class honours BA from HCA’s Artist Blacksmithing program.

Alexandra creates artworks inspired by the taboos around mental health and the implications of the idea ‘Vessel’. She evokes emotional responses through textural narrative, whilst re-establishing the vessel’s importance in today’s society. Alexandra states: “I believe the vessel has a significance within human culture beyond its mundane physical functionality; it can hold and communicate emotion and meaning. The patterns on its surface can convey stories that elicit emotional responses. This conjoined discourse around the meaning and the physical experience of viewing and holding vessels informs my practice.”

Frances Alexandra thrives on having a material-led practice, working intuitively with hot metal to forge an informative dialog.