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Kar Lok Felix Ho (Dante) (One Year On)

There went a lot of protests in Hong Kong, the most recent one being the “Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement” in 2019.

During the protest period, while I was studying in HCA peacefully, police were abusing Hong Kong citizens with brutal forces.

That is why I decided to protest in my own way, through my creativity, with my own interpretation and by my hands.

Yellow umbrella has been an icon of protests in Hong Kong for several years. I created one made of steel, to permanently freeze the moments so called Law Enforcers wounded my fellow Hong Kong citizens.

Imagine how the protesters felt when they were facing the police forces while only sheltering behind an umbrella, how scared and desperate they were.

In front of this umbrella you can see all kinds of wounds inflicted, and you can stand behind it and try to experience the living hell on Hong Kong streets.